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The Future of Office Design

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The Evolution of the Workplace from 1980-2020
Health and safety practices in offices, whether at home or at work, are key to looking after both yourself and your employees. This may be in the form of keeping a first aid kit on hand should someone have cut himself or herself with a kitchen knife. It may also take the form of ensuring that your office chair has the correct back supports in place or that your fire warden has the correct safety workwear and equipment in case of an emergency or a fire drill. These more traditional aspects of health and safety form the basis for developing your workplace safety program.

Whilst having a program in place is necessary, employees today expect more from their office environment than office chair back supports and first aid kits. By catering to the individual senses, office environments can actually support the health of employees whilst also increasing their productivity. This may be in the form of standing vs sitting desks, improved lighting, controlled temperatures and noise reduction technology. However, this can also include smaller adjustments within the workplace such as the availability of smarter snacks or even having a furry friend as the small office or home office mascot.

Happy healthy employees leads to a happier healthier small office or home office.

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